Telemarketing for "Art Rankings" by Jeannine Cook

As the rain pelted down this morning from now sub-tropical storm Beryl, a 9 a.m. phone call really seemed out of place.  A purported phone call on behalf of Google Art, from someone with a strangely affected British accent.  Did I want to sell more art on the Web, did I know that if you Google Art-Georgia, there were some 1000 plus, plus hits per month?  Google could be the answer to the maiden's prayer in terms of pushing my ranking up to number one, and help me sell art. Olé!

I wondered if other people are being importuned like this and if it is indeed emanating from Google? I think that the last thing any artist wants at 9.a.m. is a telemarketer's call, especially if one is supposed to be on "do not call" lists.

Selling art is a complex enough world, with enough honourable people and scams around to keep everyone sifting through the mix.  I don't think that we need Google to enter the fray, particularly via the telephone.

Anyone else had this experience?