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Workshop: Drawing in Gold & Silver

  • CelerySpace 1714 San Pablo Avenue Berkeley, CA, 94702 United States (map)

Learn the medieval art of metalpoint drawing from Jeannine Cook, one of the world’s few modern masters of this ancient pre-graphite drawing technique. Working on prepared paper with silver, gold, or copper, the subtle shimmering slow-art method is deeply meditative and yields stunning tonal results. The practice promotes a state of profound, quiet concentration, partly because of the technique’s slow pace, and partly because of the fact that erasure is impossible. Explore mark-making using not only metal wires and rods in a stylus, but diverse objects such as silver spoons, jewelry, coins, even metal pot scrubbers.

Participants will come away from the workshop with knowledge of how to prepare paper using white, black or tinted metalpoint ground, how to create a tonal drawing range through a variety of mark-making techniques, and how to make use of silver oxidization. Participants will complete several small pieces during the course of the day, and will be ready to carry on independently with metalpoint.

Tickets $110, early birds $100

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