The Silverpoint Exhibition, National Arts Club, New York / by Jeannine Cook


It is fun to start reading the reviews of this silverpoint drawing exhibition organised for December 2013 by a wonderful silverpoint artist and friend, Sherry Camhy, especially when one is far from the New York art scene. Seeing the images of fellow artists fills me with fascination and admiration. As always, the diversity of optic and subject matter is unified by all of us having to obey the demands of this medium of mark-making in silver, and sometimes in other metals too.  Metalpoint is a harsh task-mistress but each of us is in thrall to the fascinations and subtleties of these drawings.

Perhaps the most atmospheric introduction to the Silverpoint Exhibition at the National Arts Club is a video done by Odelle Abney.

Then there is a long review by Robert Edward Bullock, in Bullock Online Reviews of Tuesday, December 10th, 2013, Beautiful Tarnished Lines.    Or try another one, Saving Silverpoint, by Jeffrey Carlson, published in Fine Art Today, the e-newsletter for Fine Art Connoisseur magazine.

My drawing which was selected for the exhibition is one I did of the Spanish Moss variety which grows in north Florida, Tillandsia recurvata.  I love its jaunty, elegant flowers and twisting tufts of tendrils.

Tillandsia recurvata, silverpoint and white gouache on tinted ground, Jeannine Cook. Private collection.

Seeing the images in the reviews makes me excited to receive the hardcover catalogue which has been produced for the exhibition.    An enormous amount of work has gone into the preparation of the show, and I am grateful to be part of this lovely venture.  It makes me every more keen to go on drawing in silver!